Monday, April 18, 2011

Painting: Remember, Caffeine is Your Friend!

Hey guys,

Quick update before I settle in to get some work done! My 3rd and final expected Commission right now arrived today…yeah…that’s the 3rd. Thankfully its only 5 models!


That Shokk Attack Gun is a bit daunting…

Also in is my new Dark Angels Veteran Box!


Now there’s some cool bitz on those sprues! Combat Shields, Powerfists, a Storm Shield, icons, purity seals, icons, censers, everything cool and needed for a holy Marine force! As I’ve stated, these are gonna be my Pigmentary Priests, as well as Reclusiarch Xerxes, but they’re gonna have to wait about a week! Whew…expect pictures tonight!


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  1. Bits of all kinds get me excited too, but there never seem to be enough. If not for leftovers and greenstuff, minis would be much less fun.