Sunday, April 17, 2011

Painting: Non-Word Bearers Word Bearers?

Hey guys,

Just a quick update. The school semester is slowly winding down, and I’ve got a couple little speedbumps in the way before I can start my summer. Unfortunately, this isn’t just painting speedbumps!

Anyways, I’ve gotten everything but the Obliterators totally assembled, but over the weekend, I’ve gotten the Daemon Prince, 2 Rhinos, and some Berserkers assembled. I have a Daemonette painted, but Its not to my liking, so I’m going to strip it and redo her. Anyways, pictures!




The Berserkers look flat in the picture, but the Bronze really stands out on them.


My goal is to have the first Berserker Squad finished tomorrow! I may get a Rhino done too, barring schoolwork and other things that need to get done.

Whew…busy busy BUSY week ahead of me!


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