Saturday, April 23, 2011

40k: It’s that Time of Year Again…

Durango Snow

Hey guys,

So as I’m sure you know, this is about the time school finishes the Winter Semester, heralding in the SUMMER! Obviously such a prize wouldn’t be unguarded, and sure enough, finals stand between me and 4 months of nothing but sleeping, 40k, and work.

Therefore, Smells Like Wargaming is on a very short break, as most of my paints are going to be packed up here in the next hour or so. Expect me back on Wednesday, where I’ll be finishing up the Tau commission, as well as get a huge chunk of the Word Bearers finished (sorry about that Monster Rain, not quite as quick as last time…)

Time to go pack and study for some finals!



  1. Thanks Dan, I'm trying to motivate myself to work on studying right now :)

  2. Hey man, I knew what was up before I sent them!

    Just have 'em to me by 'Ard Boyz, yeah? :D