Thursday, April 28, 2011

Smells Like Wargaming Lives!

Hey guys!

I’m back! It took me a little over a day to get settled back in at my parent’s house, but the work station is back on line and ready to pump out some more creations!


Don’t worry, the lighting’s not as bad as the picture makes it out to be! Anyways, my first order of business was to put the magnets that FINALLY came in to good order! I’ve got over 200 1/16” X 1/32” magnets now…well less, actually, thanks to the Crisis Suits!


I left 3 40mm bases at my parent’s restaurant, so I’ll go and get them later tonight (night owls ftw!) I’m still in the process of magnetizing everything, so they should be magnetized, based, and primed tomorrow, then painted on Saturday or Sunday! I’ll be getting a lot of work done on Sunday, as I have a friend who wants to work on his Imperial Guard that day, so I’ll have some time to get Monster Rain’s CSM progressed more. Coupled with Snake Eyes’ Eagle Warriors coming in tomorrow hopefully…whew!

I’m back in the game and ready to roll!


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