Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday #9 has Been Delayed; My 1st Game in Three Months; SLW Marines!


Hey everyone,

So Tutorial Tuesday has been delayed for the week, I have something lined up, but I need to get some additional pictures before I can do it. Whenever I come home from break, I have a tendency to dig through my old, beat-up models, and try to salvage them. Like the Mr. Potato Stompa I have planned, thanks to Irondog Studios, or my old Artillery pieces I really should have spent the time needed on. Oh well, the whole article will be on salvaging old kits, so keep an eye out tomorrow!


On another note, I played my first game of 40k in over three months yesterday, and as expected, I got my face smashed in. I knew it from the beginning. My buddy was playing horde Orks (130+ models) with Wound Allocated Nob Bikers and two Battlewagons. Plus, it was Annihilation. While I can kill horde armies with my usual guard list, as soon as my Russ was killed turn one, I knew the game was going to suck. The only really cool thing that happened was Creed’s Chimera Tank Shocking a unit of Nob Bikers, only to watch them fail TWO LD 10 tests, then run off the board, escorted by my Vendetta. Other than that, I could have done without that game.

Finally, I’ve been digging around my old workstation, seeing what Marine bitz and pieces I had lying around. Surprisingly, I have a strangely large amount. Right now, the SLW Marines are sitting on:

  • 5 Scouts
  • 2 AoBR Dreadnoughts
  • 4 Tactical Terminators
  • Librarian

I also have the stuff in my apartment back in Durango to do a squad of Sanguinary Guard, so I’ve got a nice amount of stuff to be working on. I’m also winning a Tactical Squad cheap on eBay right now, so hopefully, I’ll have a nice start to my marines!

Expect the Tutorial tomorrow!


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