Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thoughts on Grey Knights; Next Commission Info

Hey everyone,

So I didn’t get the chance to get the pictures I wanted for that Tutorial Tuesday, so rather than half-assing a useless one, I’m just skipping it this week. Sorry folks!


What I do want to talk about today though is the new Grey Knights Advance Orders released today! We have 4 new sets, as well as the codex. Lets go in order:

  • Grey Knights: While really nice metal models, I’m glad they’re finally doing them in plastic. Plus, you can make the four different Grey Knight squads in one box! Lets hope GW makes Tactical Marines like that in the future!
  • Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight: This sucker is cool! Games Workshop is finally putting most weapons upgrades right in the box, and this guy has a ton of different gear he can take, which is cool. While it doesn’t have the best Marine aesthetic look to it, its definitely a good addition to the Grey Knights.
  • Grey Knight Terminators: THEY’RE PLASTIC! These guys are cool, and include a ton of Nemesis Weapons, though the special weapons like Warding Staves are a one per box thing. There’s also an arm holding the head of a Bloodletter, which is a nice touch for the Grey Knights. The standard Grey Knight box has an arm holding a Daemonette’s head too.
  • Lord Kaldor Draigo: There’s a TON of detail on this model. The picture is cropped weird, but the model still looks great! You get a helmet and unhelmeted head; the unhelmeted head looks like Rahm Kota from the Force Unleashed. The intricate details and model design is going to make him a blast to paint!



Lastly, I’m in the final talks with a client right now, but all signs point to THIS being my next commissioned project:


I hope you all are as excited as I am! Keep an eye on the blog, this will be my best painted project yet!



  1. Man, i HATE the Dreadknight model! It just remindes me of Bumblebee off Transformers!! I dont nearly hate it as much as the Lameraven, but i still dont like it!

    As for the other plastics - im really looking forward to them! Never done a Grey Knights army before, but im definately doing one for this release!

  2. The Dreadknight definitely has a Transformers/Alien/Matrix look to it, but its still a cool model. I don't think I'll be doing Grey Knights army anytime soon, but I think I'll be picking up a Draigo model just to paint!

  3. Yeah that model is sweet. I hear hes also got an interesting background story to.