Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday #8: Your Rhino’s All Rusty….


Hey guys,

So after working on the squad of Plague Marines and their Rhino for my latest Commission, I figured it’d be worth it to share my techniques for doing a rust effect on your figures. Its honestly really easy and adds a good effect to not only Nurgle figures, but orks, Skaven, Guard, and other armies that rely on metals but don’t do the best cleaning job.

Materials Needed


  • Scorched Brown
  • Fiery Orange, Blazing Orange, or even Bestial Brown
  • Sunburst or Bad Moonz Yellow
  • An old brush/ drybrushing brush.
  • Models that need rusting!

Alrighty, first off, lets look at a rusting piece of metal. Reference pictures are always nice!


You can see a changing of tones and brightnesses. There’s some dark brown areas, some orange midtones, and some bright almost yellow areas.


1) Base the area in Scorched Brown. If you’re doing a rust patch on the model, stipple the paint onto the area by dipping the brush in the brown, then pushing the bristles onto the model.

2) Using a 1:1 mix of Scorched Brown and Fiery Orange, drybrush onto the model. The drybrushing will keep the dark colors in the recesses.

3) Drybrush Fiery Orange onto the model. You can be as patchy or thorough in your coverage as you want to be.

4) Using a 1:1 mix of Fiery Orange and Sunburst yellow, drybrush onto the model, aiming for patchy areas or high ridges.

Its as easy as that! If you want to add a slight edge of verdigris (that green tone you sometimes see), make a 1:1 mix of Enchanted Blue and Scorpion Green, water it down a bit, then wash it over the model. Don’t worry if it seems to pool, it’ll settle down in the recesses and dry up.


You can see I didn’t go the Verdigris route on the Plague Marines:


But they still look great and fit in with the feel of the figures! Remember, you can also use more or less Orange, more yellow, etc., to achieve a different tone and feel, so play around with it and see what you like the best.

Just a heads up, since I’ll be on Spring Break next week, there either won’t be a Tutorial Tuesday, or it won’t be about painting and will instead focus on the Feast of Blades tournament, tactica, etc.

I’ll also have another post tonight with my current commission progress, so keep an eye on the blog tonight!


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