Monday, February 28, 2011

Painting: Weekend’s Progress and Granesh’s Week Goals

Hey everyone,

So I’m awaiting another email, but I’m almost certain I’ll be playing in the Feast of Blades tournament on Saturday! I’ll be at Attactix in Aurora probably pimping a homemade red “Smells Like Wargaming” Tshirt with “Granesh” across the back! I’m hoping to head home on Thursday for Spring Break. I’ll be able to relax a little more, get some games in, and touch up my own figures. I’ll have to head down to Denver on Friday to be able to make the tournament on time.

On to the serious business though. I’ve been charging away through the 1k Word Bearer’s commission. In the weekend, I finished:

1 Daemon Prince

2 Rhinos,

5 Word Bearers

7 Plague Marines


I’m rather happy with how everything looks so far. The red on the Plague Marine Rhino (No that’s not a watermelon) is actually a muscle-like sinew effect I’m rather happy with, and it ties the squad back into the Word Bearers as well.


The Word Bearer’s Rhino isn’t finished in this picture, but I’ve done some more script on it and should be finished in a few minutes, actually.


The Word Bearers are a quick job, its all about getting the red tone right, then hitting everything with Silver.


Finally, the Daemon Prince. His first Skin Tone was originally too blue for my liking, so I stuck with a deep grey, layered up to a light grey. The lighting effect on the base turned out nicely too, all it is is a gradual Red drybrush (which aren’t in these pictures….I’ll put more up tonight).


Not the best picture, and he’s got a flame effect on the lower armor now.

My goal is to finish the army by Wednesday or Thursday, so I’ve got to do this all in steps. Here’s my goals up until Thursday.

MONDAY: 5 Word Bearers, 1 Obliterator

TUESDAY: 5 Word Bearers, 1 Obliterator, Tutorial on Rusting

WEDNESDAY: 5 Word Bearers, 1 Rhino

THURSDAY/ FRIDAY: Models shipped out!

It should be an achievable goal. Homework is on an all time low right now winding down for break, so I have nothing but time. On top of the commission, I have to finish two things for my guard: 2nd Platoon Commander and 2nd Platoon Vox Caster. I went through a stage to rebuild and customize my command squads. Everyone’s seen my Company Command…

Company Command Squad


…but not any pictures of my Platoon Commands! I’ll put those up tonight as well!

More pictures tonight!



  1. I am beside myself with joy right now.

    Those. Look. Awesome.

  2. I'm so glad you're happy with them so far! I've gotten the two Obliterators finished, as well as some more Word Bearers. I'll put more pictures up tomorrow!