Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tutorial?!: Painting Vibrant Reds, the Quick and Easy Way!

Hey guys,

So I’ve had some good feedback on my marines so far! Yes I did start with Blood Angels, but they will be any Marine codex I decide to play. I won’t be playing Army-of-the-Month (Don’t care much for the Dreadknight…), but they’ll be able to do what I want them to do.


Anyways, with such a positive reaction to them, I figured I’d share my technique on how I do such Vibrant Reds. Its only three steps, and I love how it turns out in the end.



Mechrite Red/Red Gore/Any suitably dark red as a base

Blood Red

Red Ink (Important: Not Baal Red Wash, Red Ink)

If you really can’t get a hold of the ink, Watered down Blood Red should work)

Step One: Coat the area in your desired Red base. I used Mechrite Red:


Step Two: Go over the previous red with Blood Red. Its alright if it’s a little streaky.


Step Three: Coat the Blood Red with Red Ink or your suitable substitute.


The ink will dry, leaving a vibrant color and a little gloss. I have yet to pick up a can of good Matte Varnish, but if the shine bothers you that much, a quick spray will fix it!


As you can see, it’s a simple, easy-to-do tutorial with only a couple paints and a desire to paint needed!

Also, as you can see in the first picture, I’ve started on the second squad. Just standard plastics, but I might do the third squad as MK2 or 3, depending on my mood. I’ll have more pictures of the squad up tomorrow.


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  1. I stumbled upon this tutorial and was curious. I am fielding a "Blood Ravens" themed army and I was wondering what colors you'd use?

    Originally I used black primer with a good coat of Mechrite but it comes out really dark and makes details lost after a foot or so.

    My second was using Pure Red / Dragon Red (just about the same color really) Army Painter. This is bright and makes the details pop but it feels too bright and more like Blood Angels vs Blood Ravens.

    I've finally tried a black primer with Dragon Red over it. This generally didn't have the impact I was looking for.

    So whats next? Well I want to try a White Primer with Mechrite (hoping to lighten it). Well if you have any suggestions please assist.

    "The Initiate" -