Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Painting: SLW Assault Squad and Khorne Bloodthirsters

Hey guys,

Just a quick post today. First off, the Empire Crossbowmen I put up in my ++For Sale++ section yesterday are up on eBay now. You can find the auction HERE!


I’ve finally finished my first Smells Like Assault Squad today. I’m really happy with how they turned out, especially the red armour. I’m sure I’ll find more to touch up, redo, etc., but right now, they’re up to a standard I’m happy with.




My pictures are scaling weird on here and Dakka, I need to play with my camera a little more. Also finished are two Bloodthirsters. You might remember these models from an earlier Commission back in January.


There they are! Unfortunately, the Postal Service kicked their asses (damn Gellar Fields…), and I had the client send them back to get redone. He also sent me Plastic Daemon Prince wings to get magnetized on. While the magnets work a little off, the wings stay on, you just have to be easy on the movement.



Yep, he forgot to send the head. The Lighting is a little tweaky today, but you can see them in all their glory!

I’m also building my next Assault Squad, and have a Razorback on its way, so the army is on its way! I’m also hoping to have a Red tutorial up tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that!



  1. Those are some nice-looking Berzerkers.

    I really dig the bright red. At first I thought it was the flash but the more I look at the models the more I like them.

    It's cool to see some nice zerker conversions with a more unique paint scheme.

  2. Thanks, but they're actually intended to be standard Assault Marines right now. I'm building the army to use for any Marine dex, so I could use them as Zerkers at some point.

    As for the red, my key with these guys is a Red Ink wash. I'm lucky because my CLGS has a ton of it still, so I can ensure my SLW marines can remain as vibrant in the future! I am thinking about some Matte Varnish for them though.