Sunday, March 20, 2011

Painting: Weekend’s Accomplishments


Hey guys,

Kinda a slow weekend here on the painting desk. I’ve continued work on my Marines, begun work on a ++For Sale++ project, and pulled out a practice model. Lets get started.

First off is a little more work on my Marines. I got one more Marine finished. Every model has a little bit of conversion work on it, whether its headswaps, etc. These guys have hand replacements and arm turns so the Assault Squad look is more natural.



I’m really happy with the squad so far. As soon as I finish this group, I’ll get their Razorback ordered, as well as their Sanguinary Priest.

Next up is the ++For Sale++ Project. I picked these guys up at my CLGS some time last year for cheap, and figured I’d finally get some paint on them. I have no desires to play The Empire if I ever start Fantasy, so these guys will go up for sale.



A really different project, which is kind of nice, though the white will probably kill me in the end!

Lastly is an Ork Killa Kan. I want to practice getting a more natural weathering and rusting look, so expect to see him finished at some point in the near future. Just a basecoat for now.



I’ll have some more pictures up tomorrow, as well as a tutorial on doing my red on my Marines on Tuesday, so keep an eye on the blog!


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  1. Liking the blood angels conversions, look very evil and gritty, nice work