Friday, March 18, 2011

SLW Marines, IG Heavy Weapons Teams, Tervigon, and the Death of Tutorial Tuesdays

Hey guys,

So a veritable crapton of stuff to share today. I’m generally working on projects I have sitting on my desk, as well as my brand new Marines!

Lets cover the Marines first! I’m loving the MKIII armor, it stands out amazingly and really draws your eye to the army. I’m also extremely happy with the red. It’s a Mechrite Red base, then a layer of Blood Red. Once the Blood Red is dry, hit the entire armour with Red Ink (One good thing about my CLGS back home). They’re a little shiny, which is cool and different for me, but I’ll let you guys see for yourself.



The Sergeant (No name yet…) kinda looks like Classic Iron Man…I’m ok with that…The fist is from the Sanguinary Guard kit, and the Bolt Pistol is an old OOP one. The meltagunner is carrying a metal Meltagun, so I might have to weigh the base to keep him from tipping. He’s not quite done, but he’s close.

Also on my desk is some Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons Teams. I’ve been wanting to add some to my Guard army, and everytime I get a box of them, I always end up giving up. I really hate the huge, blank bases on them. Anyways, thoughts?


The Lasgunner is magnetized in case he dies…I was bored…


This guy’s still waiting on a Missile Launcher Guardsman to join him.


On another note, my Tervigon, currently listed under the ++For Sale++ page, is up on eBay again. The price is $65 with about $7 shipping, so don’t let this one of a kind model get away!


Finally, I wanted to talk about my decision to get rid of a weekly Tutorial Tuesdays. First and foremost, my blog is here to promote my Commission Painting business, Smells Like Wargaming. I’ve watched my numbers increase rapidly with the addition of my Tervigon tutorial, yet no real increase in Commissions. Does this mean I’ll stop doing tutorials? No. But the blog is here to promote my business, and by revealing some of my more intricate processes, I feel I’m shooting myself in the foot.

Alrighty guys, expect finished pictures of another marine or two, as well as the Heavy Weapons team by Sunday!



  1. Just done some heavy weapons teams myself! Check out my blog to find out what i did with the bases!

  2. @The GunGrave: I just checked your blog and didn't find the HWT! I feel like a goof...

  3. Ah my bad mate! I wrote that comment last night when i came in from a night out! I forgot that i'd scheduled the post for 1000 UK time! Its up there now though!