Monday, March 21, 2011

Finished: WHFB Empire Crossbowmen For Sale


Hey everyone,

So I didn’t get any work on my Marines this weekend, unless ordering a Razorback counts as getting work done. A lot of my podcasts, especially The Eternal Warriors and The Independent Characters, have been talking about The Broken Forge, which is run by Phil from The Warbanner/ Old 40k Radio. He was good on the show, always kept Spencer in line, but he also offers 25% off discounts on his GW stuff, so I can’t pass that up while building an army!

So I wanted to share my newest finished project and something I wanted to paint up and sell. A few months ago, my CLGS put up ALL their Fantasy box sets on sale. Seeing the Powder Monkey in the kit, I picked up the Empire State Handgunners/Crossbowmen kit to add some stuff to my Guard. After deciding that they wouldn’t fit in the army, I put them aside. Until this break, when I got them primed and packed up to come back to Durango with me. Having some free time (and procrastinating…shhh) I finished the unit.

I went for a standard 10 man unit with Crossbows and a Champion.




I’m really happy with how these guys came out. The Green grass complimented the green feathers and red clothes. A variation on hair colors added some different character to the unit, and some standard painting effects added a cohesive feel to everything. These guys will be up on the ++For Sale++ tab at the top of the page, so if you Fantasy Players are interested in a fairly cheap painted Empire Core unit, don’t pass this up!

I’ve got an Art History exam tomorrow, prints for my printmaking class on friday, as well as a presentation for another class due next week, so I have a feeling my painting will be a little bit on the light side this week. Keep an eye on the blog anyways, you never know what I’ll put up!


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