Monday, March 14, 2011

Army Start: Smells Like Wargaming Marines!


Hey guys,

So I started talking about it a month or so ago, but I’ve been wanting to do a Marines army. Now when it comes to painting, I have WAY too many ideas. I’ve wanted to do Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, Crimson Fists, Carcharadons, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Chaos Marines….the list goes on.

So I’ve decided to do one HUGE unified Marine army that allows me to play what I want, when I want. Feeling Codex Marines? I’ll run that. Blood Angels? I’ll run that. Chaos? I’ll run that too! This allows me to paint what I want, model what I want, and keep everything coherent and unified.

Now to start, I have no desires to play Army of the Month. I like to play a ton of games with my army, figure out how it runs, how it works, etc., then move on to different pastures. So for the Smells Like Wargaming Marines, my initial codex choice is going to be the book that shares their colors: BLOOD ANGELS.

I’ve started working on them yesterday. First off is a dreadnought, planned to be a Furioso to start. For some reason, even with natural light, the red decided to reflect the light badly.


Some detail on the Sarcophagus… can’t be…


Granesh is dead?! Nah, I just figured it’d be a nice touch. I’ll be magnetizing a ton of arms for him for any chosen role too.

Next up is a SLW Scout with Combat Blade and Bolt Pistol. I’m a huge fan of these models, despite their oversized heads, so I wanted to do a unit of them first.


The red looks streaky in the picture for some reason…I wanted to do “Smells Like Wargaming” across his shoulderpad, but space and a shaky hand prevented it. I’ll probably just go with “SLW” for sake of ease.

Lastly, I ordered these off of eBay about a month ago. Yes shipping was slow, but Mother Russia is far off…unless you’re Sarah Palin…


That’s right. MKIII Marines from Forge World. I’m fairly certain these were a recast, as they had some strange mold lines and the price was reasonable, but I’m not complaining, as the casts are amazingly clean. They’re currently bathing in water and AXE body wash, and should be ready for painting by tonight! I’m still trying to decide if I should turn them into Sergeants, Sternguard, etc…any thoughts guys?

I’m also planning on putting up a new page on the blog. I’ve got at least two projects I need to sell, those being my Tervigon and my 1850 Tau Army. So I’ll be putting up a “++FOR SALE++” page so those of you interested in my previously made models can pick them up there! Same as a commission, just email me with what you want and we’ll get things worked out from there!

More Marine pics tomorrow!


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