Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Painting: Big Mek, MKIII Marines, and Smelioso Dreadnought; 1st BA List

Hey everyone,

So I’ve had some time to work on my own projects lately…CRAZY! As I posted on Monday, my MKIII marines came in, and right away I got to assembling and primering them. 3 aren’t assembled as I’m waiting on Powerfists to come in from eBay, but two are: a sergeant and a Meltagunner.


The Powerfist Sergeant is a decent kitbash. The fist is off of the Sanguinary Guard sprue, while the Bolt Pistol is an old OOP plastic one I got out of a bitz bag over the summer. The right arm is the standard bolter holding one from the kit, but I trimmed down the end of his arm to change the angle, as well as remove his hand with a sharp knife and replace it with a standard marine hand. A little greenstuff work removed the blood drop on the fist, filled in the gap on his arm, as well as add the small shield emblem on his armor tabard.


I’ll really start painting him as soon as I finish this next project. I’ve always wanted to paint the Big Mek with Kustom Force Field. I love the model, and is my 2nd choice behind Buzzgob if I ever do an Ork army. My friend is doing Orks, so I figured I’d rock this model out for him. Anyways, I’m fairly happy with his progress right now.


The pictures came out a little dark. I’m not sure if I like the red cabling and blue cloth areas on the lower part. He wanted him as a Goff Mek, which is designated by the checkered shoulderpad, some checkering on his left hand weapon, as well as his dark clothes. But wait, why is the blue, that’s not a Goff color!


He’s draped in defiled Crimson Fists banners and tabards. I think it adds a little character to the model (not that he doesn’t already have character!) and lets me paint a different color I usually don’t get to do.

Finally, I’ve done a little more work on my dreadnought. My first Blood Angels list calls for a Furioso Dreadnought and a Death Company Dread. Seeing as the AoBR one is fairly plain, I figured I’d start with the Furioso. Furioso…name doesn’t really fit…aha! My Smelioso Dreadnought!


Its not a lot of work, but I’m really happy with these projects so far.

I also figured I’d throw up my first Blood Angels list. It’s a standard MSU Plazorback Assault Squad army consisting of only 34 models, meaning I can really focus on every model and personalize each and every one.

2000 Point Smells Like Blood Angels


  • Reclusiarch in Power Armour with Melta Bombs.
  • Librarian in Power Armour with Blood Lance and Unleash Rage.


  • Sanguinary Priest (X3) armed as usual.
  • Smelioso Dreadnought with a Heavy Flamer in a Drop Pod


  • 5 Man Assault Squad with a Meltagun and Powerfist; Mounted in a Razorback with Lascannon and TL Plasma.
  • 5 Man Assault Squad with a Meltagun and Powerfist; Mounted in a Razorback with Lascannon and TL Plasma.
  • 5 Man Assault Squad with a Meltagun and Powerfist; Mounted in a Razorback with Lascannon and TL Plasma.
  • 5 Death Company, armed with a Thunderhammer, Powerfist, and Power Weapon.
  • Death Company Dreadnought armed with Blood Talons and a Heavy Flamer.


  • Baal Predator armed with a Flamestorm Cannon, Heavy Flamer Sponsons, and Extra Armour.


  • Storm Raven with TL Multimelta, TL Lascannon, and extra Armour.
  • Vindicator with a Siege Shield.

The Reclusiarch and Librarian go with the Death Company in the Storm Raven, along with the Death Company Dread. The Baal Predator drives into hordes or near cover and torches enemies. The Vindicator clears objectives at midfield, allowing for the Assault Squads, accompanied by the Sanguinary Priests, to speed for objectives. The Smelioso Dreadnought drops in and messes up nasty tanks or gets stuck in with hordes.

I have a couple of potential changes. I may go with TL AssCans on the Razorbacks. The Death Company may lose the fist and get another Power Weapon instead. I may change out Blood Lance on the Libby for Shield of Sanguinius, but I figured he, along with the Reclusiarch, would be good in case Rage sends the DC into something nasty. Finally, the DC dread ties up hordes or squads as need be, usually supporting the DC themselves though.

My favorite part about this list is the small model count. I’m a painter, horde armies are a bad idea for me (damn guard…). Plus, I have to be careful with my guys. If the Razorbacks and guys inside are killed early, I’m hosed. If I lose the DC too quickly, I’m hosed. Its going to be a more finesse army than I’m used to.

Thoughts? Comments? Anything is appreciated on the list! Now, I don’t know about where you live, but its BEAUTIFUL outside, so I’m gonna go shoot some hoops for a bit!



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