Saturday, February 26, 2011

Painting: Chaos Marines; Granesh’s list for the Feast of Blades

Hey everyone,
So I’ve got a couple of things this time. First off, the 1000 Point Word Bearers commission came in on Thursday. I got everything assembled as needed on Thursday watching Caddyshack (love that movie), and primed it the same night. I’ve also started to paint them. My goal is to get them all finished by Thursday or Friday of next week. Anyways, pictures!

Remember the Smells Like Wargaming marines I brought up last post? I’ve started on a fun, goofy painting project. I have a pack of MKIII Iron Armor Marines, mainly because I wanted to paint them at some point, on its way. However, I wanted to do something goofy, so I broke out an Assault on Black Reach Captain I had lying around and turn him into a Librarian. His head, Force Wave hand/bolter, and force Weapon, are from the Sanguinary Guard box.
And with a little paint:
I’m really liking this model so far, though I’m not liking the cloak right now. I obviously have a lot of work to do on the model, but I’m happy with him so far.

Finally, for those who aren’t in school, Spring Break starts next Friday. No, I won’t be going to Cancun to get wasted like a Frat Boy, I’ll be relaxing at home, hopefully getting a break from life and school. My buddy Brother Yotakka and I were planning on going to Denver/CO Springs to get some gaming in…until we realized the Feast of Blades tournament is going on that day. So I did some hunting, made a phone call or two, and discovered Attactix in Aurora, CO, still has spots. So I’ll have to call back on Monday, but for all intents and purposes, we’re still planning on attending the tournament that day.

I sat down last night and broke open my favorite codex once again: Imperial Guard. Now I know you’re all thinking “Tournament Guard? How original.” SILENCE! I’ve never been entertained by this Vet Spam crap. I don’t proxy any models, I only run what I have painted. As of right now, none of my Basilisks are painted. I have maybe one or two Heavy Weapons Teams done. I do, however, have about 5k points of Guard TOTALLY PAINTED to work with.

So, without further ado, here’s my usual 2000 Point Imperial Guard list, complete with my favorite models, some hard-hitting dudes, and some fun things.

  • Company Command Squad with Creed, Vox, Medic, Meltagun, Plasma Gun, and an Officer of the Fleet in a CHIMERA with Extra Armour.
  • Ministorum Priest with Shotgun and Eviscerator
  • Ogryn Squad of 2 Ogryn and a Bone ‘ead.
  • Platoon Command with Plasma Pistol, Krak Grenades, Vox, Medic, and 2 Plasma Guns in a Chimera with Extra armor.
  • Infantry Squad with Vox and Meltagun, accompanied by a Commissar.
  • Infantry Squad with Vox and Flamer.
  • Infantry Squad with Vox and Flamer.
  • Platoon Command with Plasma Pistol, Vox, Medic, and 2 Plasma Guns in a Chimera with Extra armor.
  • Infantry Squad with Vox and Meltagun, accompanied by a Commissar.
  • Infantry Squad with Vox and Grenade Launcher.
  • Infantry Squad with Vox and Grenade Launcher.
  • VETERAN SQUAD with Shotguns, 3 Meltaguns, and Demolitions. Sergeant has a Shotgun and Powerfist.
  • Vendetta Gunship
  • Hydra Flak Tank
  • Leman Russ Battle Tank with Heavy Bolter Sponsons
  • Leman Russ Demolisher with Multi-Melta Sponsons
This army relies on its orders, something most guard players I’ve seen don’t utilize. Creed allows 4 orders to go out to the squads, and the vox prevent Incompetent Commands. He also allows the Demolisher or Ogryn to outflank and cause trouble in the back lines. The Ogryn are there for the Assault aspect that guard lack sometimes. The Ministorum Priest goes in the Vendetta with the Veterans, and they either deploy and make objective runs, or goes in reserve and Outflanks. The Infantry Platoons are set up to move forward, sit back, group up, or whatever else I need them to do. The Hydra messes up Rhinos, Chimeras, and Wave Serpents that come too close, the Battle Tank provides my necessary Pie Plates on a vehicle that actually survives, and the Demolisher provides some anti-armour close range death.

Company Command Squad


Well, what do you guys think? I’ve had a lot of success with lists very very VERY similar to this list, and love playing it. I’ll have a TON of pictures of the commission on Monday, so expect more pictures then!


  1. Everything looks awesome!

    I like the IG list too. Hydras are a must nowadays, what with all the Dark Eldar zooming around in their raiders!

  2. Thanks man! I've always done really well with that list. The Hydra always does its job, as does the Vets and the Infantry Platoons. I'm a little nervous about using Creed as he's not my usual Commander, but I think everything should work out nicely!