Thursday, January 20, 2011

Painting: Imperial Fists and Playing with Pictures

Hey everyone,

So just a quick update today. The Imperial Fists commission came in on Monday, the Daemonic Yellow Primer came in on Wednesday, and I’m already over halfway done with the Fists on Thursday. The client wanted a Yellow Primer coat, washed with a brown, then basic colors blocked in. Its not my usual style, but its definitely tabletop quality, if not a little better.



All Hail Mighty Caesar!

The pictures are a little bright, I was playing around with a Daylight bulb, so I probably don’t need the light as close as I did with the old lights. Also, I picked up some new paper to take pictures on. The White used to wash out the picture, so the black tones everything down and works better with the blog! So I took some new pictures of my Vets to test it out.



Just some pictures of my Veterans, the top is part of the first squad I ever did, and the bottom is the second squad, which I did this summer. I have the parts to make a 3rd Shotgun Veteran Squad, so we’ll see where that goes. Maybe a Shotgun Camo Cloak Squad…oooo….idea…

I’ll be done with the commission tomorrow, depending on certain things going on. I love being an art major; I’m getting my hairstyle changed from the Emo look to a shorter punk look with some red dye, so when people look at me weird, I just tell my major and it all makes sense! Expect more pictures tomorrow!


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