Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Painting: Raven Guard and Tau…AHHH!

Hey everyone,

So I figured I’d throw up some pictures of my current projects. I got rid of those Dire Avengers and the Warlock I posted a bit back, and traded them for

  • 6 Pathfinders
  • Hammerhead
  • Crisis Suit with Fusion Blaster and Plasma Rifle

Not a bad trade at all, except the Hammerhead was in meh condition, as was the Crisis Suit. I think the legs were backwards, the pose was weird…anyways, its taken a little work to get him back into working condition, and I’m still not finished. The Hammerhead is gonna need more work than the Suit, so you know its not looking good. I’ll have to get my dremel and clean some pieces up in order to get it looking spic and span. I did get lucky with the Pathfinders, though. Everything was either primed or bare metal, and it was all glued with some control, so it was just a matter of clipping the slotta-piece, sanding the base, then gluing them on!

Here’s a group picture of the Tau and my friend’s Raven Guard I’m working on:



I’ll start with the Rhino, I think I’ve done a picture like this already, but I figure I’ll throw it up here again.


My friend also likes playing with other characters than Shrike, so here’s his Space Marine Captain counts-as Kantor:


The Non-Metallic Metal is coming out nicely, I’m trying to keep a light gold colour for it. I’ll be getting more work done on him tonight, as well as a little more on the Crisis Suit. I’m hoping to have these done by next Thursday, as that’s when the semester ends and I head back home for a few weeks.

I also thought you guys would be interested, I’m planning on doing some advertising on a fairly big podcast, its cheap enough, and should pull in some new commissions! I’m going to be doing a little “Christmas” gift for them, so expect some interesting terrain in about two weeks!



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