Sunday, December 5, 2010

Painting: Aegis Defense Lines


Hey everyone,

So just a quick update this weekend. I just moved apartments on campus, nothing too far, but its nice to get away from some people I really didn’t get along with and barely got along with each other.

I did kill some time though by pulling out some terrain I had lying around and get it finished. I’ve had the Aegis Defense Line pieces sitting in some drawers for a while, and while I can’t remember where most of it is, I remembered I wanted them painted! So with a little preparation, I got to work!

I went for the same style as my Imperial Guard tanks and the bastion, which was:


1) Base with Scorched Brown

2) 1:1 Scorched Brown/Khemri Brown overbrushed on the walls.

3) Overbrush Khemri Brown onto the walls

4) 1:1 Khemri Brown/Dheneb Stone Drybrushed on.

Reinforced Areas

1) Base with Dark Flesh

2) Drybrush Tallarn Flesh onto sections




The writing is done with a standard brush and white paint, and the chevrons are done using THIS technique. For a final picture, my lone guardsman fending off an Ork swarm, which was painted by my friend.


This doesn’t look good…



  1. Nice! Love the bullet holes and graffitti!

  2. Brown looks surprisigly good. I like that they're not the standard grey/metallic barriers that it seems everyone else is using. The graffiti is a nice touch as well. :)

  3. Hey thanks guys! As I said, they're painted just like my tanks and the bastion, so I've been able to keep everything consistant. As for the graffiti...who wouldn't want to write "FRAK OFF" across a barricade across from a bunch of orks?