Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Painting: Imperial Fists; How my Latest Tau List Fared


Hey everyone,

So I got another game in with my Tau yesterday, and did really really really REALLY bad with it. My Broadsides and Hammerhead couldn’t stop a Land Raider, let alone two, which unleashed either a 13 man Crusader Squad with Emperor’s Champ and a Marshall, or Assault Terminators, into my back field. Needless to say, I was hosed by Turn Three, and we called the game at that point, something I really hate to do.

I’m also in talks with a gentleman for an Imperial Fists commission, and he requested a test model to get an idea for how Imperial Fists would look from me. I’m happy with the yellow, which follows the yellow in my Chevrons Tutorial HERE, with one change. I wash the model with a watered-down coat of Bestial Brown. It sits down in the recesses nicely and adds some extra shading to the model. Anyways, less talk, MORE PICTURES!

Test Models

Imperial Fists Test Model

The models look better in person, a common malady with pictures of my painting for some reason. I’m really hoping the commissioner is happy with them, he’s got a bunch of Tac Marines, as well as a Land Raider and a Whirlwind at least, he wants done!

I’ll be getting in another game with my Tau tomorrow, so I’ll have Part Huit (Part Sept stunk) up tomorrow afternoon! I also picked up some Crisis Suits and a Broadside Battlesuit for a good deal yesterday. They need some work, but I’ll be able to bring them up to a usable level very quickly. I also want to convert the Broadsides from having the Railguns on their back to carrying them in their hands, either as one weapon, like the conversion in the Hardback 40k rulebook, or on two hands. I’ll keep you all updated with it, but I can’t do any work until the 9th, as I don’t have access to my Greenstuff at the moment.


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