Monday, December 20, 2010

Thoughts on Tau List, Part Six


Hey everyone,

So I got a chance to play Part Six of my Tau List yesterday, and I have to say I’m fairly happy with the army this time. My dice not totally crapping out on my the entire time helped, and I had a couple of key units that saved me.

Just for notes, I played my friend’s Raven Guard Space Marines spearheaded by Shrike and an assault squad, 3 Auto-Las Preds, some Drop-Podding Dreads, a scout squad, some Tac squads in Rhinos, and a Sternguard Squad. It was also Spearhead Deployment with Base objectives.


Definitely my Crisis Suit Command Squad. Dropping the Iridium Armour helped a lot because I could consistently get my 6” jump in the assault phase. That jump meant I could keep out of range of Space Marine assaults, then Plasma Rifle/Missile Pod Shrike to death. On the last turn him and what was left of his squad finished off a Predator. Definitely made his points back.


  • Kroot and Kroot Hounds: Taking 10 Kroot and 12 Hounds is definitely the way to take Kroot. Everyone complains about how Kroot can’t do anything, and if you’re talking about standard Kroot, I’d agree with you. The Kroot Hounds assaulted a 10 man Tactical Squad, tied up the squad for 3 turns, killed 8 of them, and nearly won the combat. Screw Bubblewrapping with them, they can do something.
  • Pathfinders: Took them with a Bonding Knife and two Gun Drones. The Squad used their Markerlights to the fullest extent, and was still able to lay down some shooting with the Gun Drones.
  • Hammerhead: Took it with the Disruption Pod, Multi-Tracker, and Burst Cannons. The Multi-Tracker meant I could move and shoot, and the Disruption Pod kept it safe from Predator fire. After looking the Railgun on turn 6, I tank shocked onto my Objective and contested it.


  • 6 Man Fire Warrior Teams: NOT WORTH IT AT ALL. Either take a larger squad or don’t do it at all. They come onto the board, lay down some Small Arms fire, then get killed. If they’re in a Devilfish, you want to keep the squad big so when the Devilfish is destroyed, you have the manpower to survive an objective dash.
  • Broadsides: I messed up deployment on these and didn’t expect the infiltrating Scouts to ruin their day. I won’t drop them, I just need to work on deployment a little better with them.

All-in-all, the army held its own till the very end, and I managed to pull out a tie with only 2 units left on the board. My friend’s Tactical Squad that was nearly destroyed by the Kroot didn’t make the rush in time, and despite having a Tactical and Scout Squad on my objective, my Hammerhead jumped on and Contested my objective.

On the painting front, I haven’t had the time to get anything of mine done. However, I do have my next commission on its way to me, so expect a bunch of the Dark Powers (Burn the Heretic!) to be running around the site for a while. I’m also in talks with a couple other people, so there should be some cool stuff coming up soon!


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