Friday, November 26, 2010

Quick Update: Testing Out Part Quatre of the Tau

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update here. I'm about to get a 4th game in with my Tau against, hopefully, my friend's Orks. The list is fairly similar to the last list I posted, with some small changes:
  1. The Ethereal is a horrible idea. I really really really REALLY hate them, so he's gone.
  2. I need some extra firepower in the list, so I added an additional squad of Broadsides. Hey, I can't argue with more Battlesuits, they're so cool!
  3. While Kroot are cool, we don't have any forest terrain (yet!), so I dropped the squad back down to the 12, rather than the 19. They just don't hold up very well, and I can't bring myself to buying the 6+ save for them.
So as I said, just a quick update. I'll be posting the results, and hopefully a poorly-lit picture or two, tomorrow morning. Also, I'm using Blogger's Posting tool, rather than the Blogging Tool that comes with Windows 7, so the formatting will probably look a little different with this post.
Wish me luck!


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