Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gaming: Apparently Orks Eat Tau? and Commission Information

Hey everyone,
So once again, just a quick update. I played my 4th game last night against my friend's Orks, and unfortunately, learned just how hard a Green Tide army could be. I forgot to mention in my last post, but I dropped the Hammerhead from list as well, which is probably the stupidest thing I could do with this army.

My friend's army consisted of 2 Nob Squads, one on Bikes, wound-allocated out with Painboy and lots of nasty Dakka evil things. The unmounted squad was riding a Trukk too. Then he had THREE 30 man Boyz squads, one were 'ard Boyz, the Other two with Big Shootas and PK footslogging across the board.

I knew from the beginning that I wasn't going to win this game, or even tie it, honestly. My dice, once again, knew this too, and proceeded to crap on my the entire game. I'm talking about my Crisis Commander with Targeting Array, which hits on twos, missing 4 of the 6 shots he gets, then failing to wound even a Biker. I couldn't make a 2+ Shield Drone Save to save my life, but I was passing Leadership, ensuring my Squads would be in perfect position to get assaulted HARD by something nearby. We stopped at Turn 3, because I knew he was about to Steamroll me really really really badly. So for the first four games, I'm looking at No wins, 1 Tie, and 3 Losses. I know you're not supposed to look at the win count for fun games, but it lets me look at the army, see how I've done, and what I need to improve.

What I need:
  • Horde Killers: Horde armies will eat me apart. Maybe a Crisis Squad armed with Burst Cannons and Flamers? I also need the Hammerhead in my army. As much as I'm not a fan of it, the ability to pop Land Raiders and Hordes of Orks is a better convincer.
  • More Firepower: Being a Guard player to start, I miss having so many guys for shooting, especially FRF!SRF!. Perhaps another Fire Warrior Squad, even just a 6 man squad with Team Leader and Gun Drones, hunkered down in a building, would be a good investment.
  • To Learn to Deep Strike!: I'm not used to Deep Striking units, so I don't have the measurement from being assaulted down. I keep Deep Striking the Command Squad and One Suit Squad too close to their target. I don't need Rapid Fire Plasma on the first drop, so I need to keep them 12" away from the Nobs and Terminators.
  • Better Dice: As much as my dice love my Imperial Guard, they hate my Tau, so I'll have to pull out one of the other Dice Cubes I have and hope they actually roll decently. Listen, I know my Tactics aren't great yet, but I should be able to stop two Rhinos with a Suit Squad armed with Plasma and an Autocannon.
There's my thoughts, I'm starting to look around at some more Tau Tactics and get some more ideas. The best site that's not Advanced Tau Tactica is Warhammer Tau; unfortunately the guy who runs it is on Tau Hiatus, but the stuff he's posted prior is really good for a competitive Tau army.

I'm leaving back for Durango tomorrow, and with me is coming my Tau army, some terrrain pieces, and parts to my friend's Raven Guard army. I need something else to paint, and these look like they'll fit the bill nicely.
Remember I'm always doing commmissions, and can paint anything from Imperial Guard to Tau to Marines to Dark Eldar. Plus, my rates are some of the cheapest online right now WITHOUT using washes on everything. I do everything by brush, so if you need your figures painted, please contact me HERE.

On another note, I still have a Skaven commission which the gentleman who commissioned them has NOT paid for yet. You know who you are if you're still reading the blog, but consider this the first public call out. Remember I'm a college student, and I'm using the Commissions to buy books, food, etc, so please contact me again or take care of what needs to be taken care of.

Thanks guys, expect tons of pictures over the next couple of weeks!


  1. Hi Granesh,

    I will have another commission for you after Christmas. I was told by my partner that one of my gifts is a copy of Dust Tactics :D I also hope the Skaven player pays you soon. Not only are you a college student on a limited budget, but Christmas is coming as well.

  2. Hi Granesh,

    On fighting Orks with Tau, my advice is to set up and go second. I know this sounds counterintuitive to a lot of players, but with the range of your guns you can set up farther in your own back field. I recommend setting up your force in a refused flank formation. If you set up in that fashion, you can concentrate the bulk of your fire on ½ of the Ork horde. I recommend hammering a single target till it is not a threat, and then move on to the next major threat/s. I would utilize Kroot in two differents ways: deployed in your back field to step forward and assault close combat threats and take one for the team when necessary, or use them as outflanking objective harassers/loota hunters. While I like the Broadside suits, I find Tau armies with a full team of those and 2 Hammerheads are versatile, because they can annihilate armor or remove masses of boys with each shot.

    Hope this helps :D

  3. Hi Dan,
    Its good to hear from you! DUST Tactics have some beautiful models, it sounds great :) Also, what about the Stompa?
    As for the Tactics, I appreciate it a lot! My friend was running threats on all fronts though, so I don't think the Refused Flank would have worked with him, unfortunately. The Broadsides are really nice too, but yeah, the Hammerheads are definitely necessary for Horde killing. I'll probably keep at least one for all-comers lists.

  4. Hi Granesh,

    Yeah, I still need the Stompa painted, but it will have to wait till after Christmas. Most of my spare cash is going towards that at the moment ;)

  5. Hi Granesh,

    Keep your chin up mate with the army, I've taken the plunge and started working on a DP BA army. Im 2 losses so far and counting.

  6. Welcome BBC! I'm trying, I love the Tau models too much to give up on them that easily! BTW, the DP BA army sounds really interesting, I've been thinking about doing an all DC BA army at some point.

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