Thursday, November 4, 2010

Painting: Tau Crisis Suits and Eldar Warlock

Hey everyone,
So I finally got the first little chunk of my Tau finished up! These Crisis Suits are the Bodyguards to the Crisis Suit Commander I don’t have yet. I tried to mirror the two from each other in order to give them an unified look.
I’m also thinking that for the rest of the Gun Drones I get, I’m going to turn them into Shield Drones…I really need to find a good Tutorial on making my own. Games Workshop sells a Shield Drone UPGRADE kit, which lets you turn 4 Gun Drones into Shield Drones…only problem is it means the 4 drones run over $20, which is a bunch of crap. Actually, I just had a stroke of genius, I’ll disclose it in a tutorial if it works at some point…
Anyways, less talk, more pictures!!!
Crisis Suit Bodyguard #1 &2
Crisis Suit Bodyguard #1 & 2 (3)
I’m really happy with how they’re turning out right now, I can’t wait to get some Fire Warriors painted up in this scheme. The Battleforce should be in on Monday, hopefully, so I’ll have something to work on. Also on its way is the next chunk of the Tau Commission, which’ll have some Kroot, more suits, and most importantly, more XV9s!
On another note, I was digging around for a project to work on while I had some free time, and came across an unpainted Eldar Warlock. So a couple hours a work, and here’s the current piece. He’s still not finished, but you can get an idea about where its going and how its gonna look finished. I also wanted to do some freehand practice with the Eye on the back. Anyways, I’ll let the pictures do the talking:
DSCF0411 - Copy
The Warlock is for sale, if anyone's interested, I'll give you a good deal on him!
So with that next commission will come a buttload of pictures, so, as usual, keep watching the blog!

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