Thursday, November 18, 2010

Painting: Kroot; Rules Question: Pathfinders

Kroot  Group (1)

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates this week, things have been busy leading up to Thanksgiving Break, but now I’m essentially in the clear until tomorrow, when I head back to spend the holiday with the family.

I have a couple of pictures to show off! I ran out of Shadow Grey, my main colour for the Tau, and seeing as there’s no hobby shop within 300 miles of Durango, I have to wait till I get home to visit the shop there. So to keep myself from going crazy, I’ve been pumping out Kroot, and I have to say, they’re a blast to paint! I think I have a skintone down that would work great for Orks as well. I use Orkhide Shade as a base, then slowly mix in Camo Green until my fine, final highlight of pure Camo Green. Gives them a nice, warm green that compliments the snow camo really nicely. I also did the “beak” and soft belly in the Shadow Grey to tie them into the rest of the army.

Kroot Group (2)

Kroot Group (3)

I have 5 more to go to finish out the main squad of Carnivores for my army…not looking forward to picking up the Kroot Hounds, though….I’m also debating on converting a Shaper, just for the hell of it. It seems like a fun conversion, and would be nice for fun games or regular games if he becomes worth it in the new Codex.

I also had an interesting conversation with my main gaming partner last night concerning Pathfinders and their weapons. In the codex, they’re armed with a “Pulse Carbine with Markerlight Target Designator”. Now seeing as there’s no entry for a Pulse Carbine with Markerlight Target Designator, what is it? I said that it sounds like you choose to shoot either the Pulse Carbine or the Markerlight, but my friend isn’t convinced. We checked all the FAQs and couldn’t find a thing. What’s the current ruling on Pathfinders?

As I’m leaving for Thanksgiving Break tomorrow, don’t expect a lot of painting updates. I might bring some paints down to get the Fire Warriors done, but I really don’t want to rush them either. Do expect my initial thoughts on the Tau army, as I finally get to play with them! My friend wants to play my Imperial Guard, so I’ll probably get to see just how nasty my Guard truly is against another Shooty army.




  1. Er... I always thought it was rather self-evident what they were armed with. It's a Pulse Carbine with a Markerlight. You get one of each, and because they aren't Monstrous Creatures, you can choose to fire one or the other, although I have never actually used the Carbine.

  2. I thought it was self-evident too, but I could see my friend's confusion as well, which is weird, because he's pretty good with the rules.