Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hobby: Looking Back To Your Roots

Hey guys,

So I’ve been digging around the Games Workshop website and watching the Return of the King, and I’ve been reminiscing about how I got started in this hobby. When I was 14, I received the Return of the King paint sets, which included a brush, some GW paint in those crappy pots, and either 12 Orcs or Warriors of Minas Tirith. I still have that first Orc around somewhere, packed away for safe keeping, along with the rest of my army.

I started to fall out of the hobby a bit when my younger brother, who was playing Minas Tirith spearheaded by Boromir, Captain of the White Tower (think Abaddon with a Storm Shield), fell out of the hobby. We used to play some small games on the kitchen table on Moria columns that Games Workshop had templates for.

Back then, Games Workshop used to have templates on building terrain, tactics, painting guides, and amazing modelling tutorials. Anyone else miss Black Gobbo? I do, and I didn’t even play 40k at the time. Their site seemed to be so much more dedicated to the hobby, rather than to sell their models. I guess having better looking models and really nice codices makes up for this in the long run, but still, Black Gobbo was the best!

Its been a long ways since I played 40k, but I might have to break out the old models this Thanksgiving. My little brother will be down too, I’ll have to show him what a Mordor Troll Chieftain can do to his precious Boromir! I’ll leave you all with this. This is my first real conversion I ever did with miniatures. I never ran a Named Character, namely because I thought it took away from the rabble of the Mordor Orcs. So this is Granesh, Mordor Orc Captain, creator of my internet moniker and start into this great hobby.


I might have to sit down at some point and redo him…just for old time’s sake. If anyone has pictures of their first models, or a figure that brings them back to their beginnings into this hobby, please email them to, I’d love to feature them here on the blog!




  1. He he its funny how the seeds of GW get planted so early on in our lives! I've always been a sci-fy man, so 40K bit me rather early on (prahaps it was an early 'Nid!)

    Your first conversions not to bad either! I've seen much worse first models!!

  2. Yeah, it is pretty interesting how early and quickly we get into this hobby, I used to look at the 40k models a little, but I wasn't really into Sci-Fi, more fantasy. I don't know what I was thinkging with that as a first conversion, its a METAL orc Captain on a PLASTIC warg...nearly drove me insane filing his legs down!