Saturday, November 13, 2010

Painting: Snow Tau, Part Un

Hey everyone,

So I’ve been diligently working on my Tau, playing with some techniques, doing some detail work, etc., and figured it’d be time to show off what I’ve gotten done so far. As for the FW, I’ve only gotten the three done, the kroot are assembled and primed, but not painted, and some drones need to be painted. Other than that, everything is moving nicely along.

Tau Army Shot

Tau Group (1)

Not quite sure if I’m happy with the Stealth Suits yet, the transforming technique didn’t work quite how I wanted it to.

Stealth Suits (1)

The Ice Blue headed Suit is the commander for one of my Elite Crisis Squads. I have the FW XV85 suit coming for my Shas’O Commander!

Crisis Suit Group (1)

I’m fairly happy with the Fire Warriors right now, the snow effect is coming along fairly well, though I still don’t like the hooves…

Fire Warriors (1)

Some Drones, including the custom Shield Drones I put the tutorial up for!



And finally, still in a WIP stage, is the Devilfish. I magnetized the base, but the magnet isn’t quite strong enough to hold the entire thing, so I put another flying stand under it for balance. I might put another magnet there for extra stability.

Devilfish WIP


I’ll be starting on the Kroot, as well as working on some more Fire Warriors, so expect some more pictures of those over the next week or so. Also, not this next week, but the week after, is Thanksgiving, in which case I’ll be going home for the week. Painting will probably stop, but you can expect some tactics articles, as well as some in game shots of both the new Tau and my mighty Imperial Guard!


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