Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finished: Skaven Swarm!!


Hey everyone,

So I figured I finally present you all with pictures of the Skaven I finally got finished! This commission is definitely Quantity over Quality (Not that the quality is bad, though!) and looks great all together. I did have a slight change halfway through in regards to the switching of the Storm Vermin’s clothing from Red to Black/purple.

Anyways, less talk, more pictures!

Skaven Clanrats



Skaven Storm Vermin Commands



Skaven Storm Vermin Blocks





The technique I used to paint these allowed me to rattle off about 5 in an hour, and relied on a Drybrushing, Overbrushing, slight washing on the metals, and layering on the skin. Finally, small details were picked out, like eyes, nails, and teeth. Some have emblems and logos picked out on their clothing too.

I got the first Tau Commission shipped out today, and am expecting the next group here soon. I also got the second Crisis Suit painted and nearly finished, I have a little bit of work to do on the drones, as well as some extra Tau logos and things. I also got a Battleforce ordered today, which should arrive sometime next week, so I’ve got my hands full in the next couple of weeks! Expect pictures tomorrow!


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