Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tutorial: Modeling Snow

Hey everyone,
So its been a while since I’ve done a tutorial, but I wanted to add a brand new one using a material I’m starting to use. Modeling Snow is really easy to use, but it’s very different from other modeling flocks, like grass.
Materials needed:
First off, I tested 3 different methods.
Top: Modeling Snow applied with Super Glue.
Right: Modeling Snow applied with White Glue
Left: Modeling Snow applied with White Glue, area primed with GW Skull White.
The Super glue makes a nice slushy color, something I wasn’t going for. The Right patch and the Left patch look very similar, but because of the White paint, the Left patch looks deeper and more realistic.
Step One: Prime the Area with Skull White. You can see it on the bases here.
Crisis Suit Bodyguard #1 (1)
Step Two: Cover the primed area with White Glue. Try to keep this as level and flat as possible, as chunky snow looks strange and unnatural.
Step Three: Carefully, put the snow on the base. You can do this by picking up a small pile of it and placing on the base, or dipping the base directly into the flock.
Step Four: Shake off the excess snow; I do this by shaking the model gently, then blowing on the base.
Step 5: Clean up any patches of White still sticking out by repeating Steps 2-4. Instead of blowing the excess snow off, however, take a flat object (I use the back of my Tweezers) and push the snow flat, then blow the rest off.
Step 6: Make yourself warm, because your models are gonna look cold!
I hope this helps some people get your snow armies finished/get into the Winter spirit! If you have any questions or inquiries about the tutorial, please feel free to contact me at SmellsLikeWargaming@hotmail dot com.
As for the regular posts, I finally finished that Skaven commission. I’m not putting pictures up until I get in contact with the gentleman and make sure they’re to his liking, but they’re finished and look great as a group, so expect pictures of that next week!


  1. Thanks for this. Never modeled snow/ice before and this is what I needed, particularly the comparison of effects obtained by using different glues.

    Two questions.

    1. Do you paint the figures first, then apply the modeling snow (like one usually does grass flock) to the base?

    2. I'll have to test for myself, but how well do you think super glue + snow would work for melting snow on a cobblestone base?

    Regardless of whether I start playing Malifaux or not, I'm planning on getting the Rasputina figure (a Russian Ice Sorceress). As a display figure she'd be on a cobblestone base with perhaps a Victorian Era streetlamp. Small drifts of melting snow would surround her as if she has just cast a spell. So you can understand why I find your article useful!

  2. Hey Vegetius!

    1) Yep, just like regular flock!

    2) I think it would work, my biggest thing is that the superglue would probably have to be spread out onto the base in order to give a true melting snow effect. Love the idea for Rasputina too!