Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Painting: For the Greater Good!

Hey everyone, this is Shas’O T’au Granesh, commander of the Gue’Vasa Auxilleries…yes folks…I’ve been captured by the Greater Good….actually, the commission just came in, and I’ve been so thrilled to paint up some Tau that I jumped right into it! The first group is going to be:

1 Hammerhead

1 Piranha

24 Fire Warriors

A bunch of drones

6 Stealth Suits

2 Crisis Suits

Crisis Suit Commander

I’ve been wanting to do some Crisis Suits for so long, and now I finally get the chance to paint some up! The gentleman wants a very desert-y look (think Taros), so I sat down and came up with a really nice granite scheme….it might have to be the next tutorial up….hmmm….

Anyways, pictures!




I really don’t like the commander’s head just because the casting on all of the ones I’ve ever seen was really poor. The white and red really contrast nicely with the Tan tones. I’m really tempted to start a Tau army now, just looking at the pieces in person and getting to paint some, so we’ll see where that goes. I’ll probably prime the Hammerhead tonight so I can get that baby painted!

The Skaven are also coming along at a steady pace, the Commissioner wanted the Storm Vermin to have Black cloth instead of the red, so I had to go back and redo a little bit. I’ve gotten 15 of them done though, only 45 to go!

On another note, I’m running my first campaign in Dark Heresy on Friday! Pitting the current party against Ork Kommandos on the Forge World of Accatran. It should be fun, and I’ll put some fluff up on Thursday before we get to play it.

On top of all this, I have a project on Rameses II due, papers for other classes due, social endeavours….whew….I have my work cut out for me!


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