Thursday, October 21, 2010

Project: A New Tau Army? Heresy!


Hey everyone,

So I had so much fun doing the first chunk of that Tau army that I’m playing around with building an army of them myself! I know I have the beginning of an Ork force, as well the start of a Chaos Marine force, but those are such heavy painting and modeling projects, and I really just want something I can zone out on, have some fun doing, and have a new army to crush a certain Raven Guard player with!

So to start off, I ordered a Crisis Suit. Nothing to fancy, just a small project. I plan on magnetizing the arms and weapons (as soon as I find my magnets again…), but I’ve also drawn up a HQ Commander and Retinue. I’d love feedback on it, as I’m not a Tau player yet and am still a little shaky on the blue fish people. I have:

  • Commander Shas’o

Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multi-Tracker, & Hard-Wired Drone Controller.

Drones: 2 Shield

  • Bodyguard: Shas’vre X2

1) Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multi-Tracker, & Hard-Wired Drone Controller.

Drones: 2 Gun Drones

2) TL Fusion Blaster, Missile Pod, HWDC

Drones: Marker & Shield

I’m thinking of the group as a very good armour and TEQ killers with the Plasma Rifles and Fusion Blasters. The Missile Pods are shorter ranged Autocannons, making this group the perfect Transport killers, as well as the occasional Russ, Battlewagon, etc. The shield drones just give some invulnerables, and the Gun Drones just give a little more firepower should the situation require it. The Multi-trackers make the unit much more effective too, allowing for all the weapons to go off as needed.

For a colour scheme, I was thinking a Snow theme. I’m sure it’ll kill me in about a month when Colorado pretty much gets a giant white sheet dropped on it and it’ll be the last thing I wanna see, but hey, it’ll look good! I was thinking about going the same route as the commission: A deep grey base, overbrushed up to a light grey, then a light white drybrushed over. The soft armour would be white, and the leg armour would be around Space Wolves Grey or so. The Sept Markings would be a nice Ice Blue colour, to both contrast and enhance the grey tones. Here’s a preview, courtesy of Bolter and Chainsword’s interactive painter:


Obviously, on this style of painter, I can’t do my painting style, but just try to imagine it almost in line with the XV9 and the other suits from the commission. I got some snow flock ordered earlier, but I can always change it a little if I don’t want to do it. I also put up a poll to see what you guys think!

The suit should be here on Monday (or tomorrow!), and after a French exam AND a presentation on Ramesses II, I think I’ll deserve a fun project to do! I’m also working furiously on the Skaven, which should be finished soon (how many times have I said that…)


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