Friday, October 8, 2010

Painting: Bad Moonz Skaven? Clan Skryre Orks? Bah….

Hey everyone,

So a bit of a painting update today, I’m about 90% done on my second Bad Moonz Orks commission. I’m really happy with the Meks, Burnas, and the Weirdboy. However, the Kans I’m not so thrilled about. When I received the models, two of them had been painted totally with Iyanden Darksun. So to keep the look, I’m painting them all with that colour, then washing with Devlan Mud. Not my usual paint style, but It gets the job done, looks decent, and allows me to focus on detail work.




I also have the Clanrats completely finished, and have started on the Storm Vermin. Progress has been a little slow on them, but I’ll have them rallied out over the next two weeks, so expect pictures of the full army soon!



Finally, I’ve got a new commission on its way right now. A friend of the gentleman I’m doing the Bad Moonz Orks for wants me to do his ENTIRE Tau army. Now I’m not big on the goofy fish people…just kidding, I’ve been wanting to do a lot of them at some point, and nows my chance. The scheme he wants is:


The best part is, though, is that he has THREE of the XV9 suits (shown above) that he wants painted, as well as a bunch of other suits, fire Warriors, Kroot, etc….This is going to be fun!

I’ll have another post on Saturday (hopefully) highlighting the finished Orks and possibly touching back on the Close Combat Guard Army. AbusePuppy has a good list in the Comments on the last post, everyone should go check it out and get a feel for it!



  1. I like the looks of the Kans. They have a dirty industrial look to them.

  2. I'm glad you like them Dannicus! The detail work is the most fun on the Kans, especially writing goofy Ork quotes all over the place!

  3. That Kan should get a ticket for parking in the disabled bay ;-)

  4. Hey, you wanna give it a ticket, be my guest! :) I thought adding that would be a nice touch, there's another base that has "WAAAGH! XING" on it too!