Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Painting: Almost Done with the Orks!

Hey everyone,

So just a quick post before I go back to work, but I’m just about finished with the Ork Mob commission I received. The total model count is over 65 orks and gretchin, and all are painted to a very good gaming standard, coupled with a little bit of my goofy detail work!


All in all, this has been a really fun and goofy project to work on, and has actually inspired me to do my own Orks! Here’s some additional pictures, and expect an entire mob picture if not tomorrow then Friday!



After this project, however, I will have to start packing for the move back to college, so don’t expect any painting pictures until Sunday! Thanks everyone!



  1. Good work on the commission, I really like the yellow face paint on some of those Orks. Best of luck to you in getting ready for your return to school.

  2. Thanks Papa JJ, the trip back isn't bad for the most part (Google Red Mountain Pass Colorado) to see the majority of my trip.