Friday, August 20, 2010

Concerning SLW for the Next Eight Months

Durango, Colorado, picture taken from the College campus

Hey everyone,
So no real big updates today, mainly thanks to a busy day at work, and the fact I have to go back in an hour. I've done a little work on the blog's layout, I think everything is looking more space efficient and productive, so I'm happy.

I really wanted to touch on a fairly simple subject today. Next Saturday, I go back to Durango, Colorado because I, like 3 million other people, are attending college. While I still keep an active social life and good grades, I also somehow manage to keep my hobby going at the same time. Sure its nowhere near as much as during the summer, but I still get some models done every week. Smells Like Wargaming is still an extension of my hobby, as well as a very very small business that helps feed my hobby.

So I promise to keep the blog updated on a several times a week basis, as well keep the commission part going as well. In fact, my hobby usually goes up while I'm at college because of the vacinity of a gaming club to me, so expect pictures of games, other armies, and some other work I've done for my friends down there, including some nice Forge World models for the other Guard player down there.

On another note, I'm glad to see my last post got a good discussion going, its a topic that I've witnessed twice. I did want to draw attention to Crazy Red Praetorian's latest blog post. It's about the closing of a local store and the "Birth of a Man Cave", and I feel it compliments my post, so here's the link, go check it out:
Edit: for some reason it doesn't want to Hyperlink, he's over at

So I've got a couple projects going, including the continuation of the Ork Commission I've been doing for the last 2 weeks. Expect some pictures of them, as well as some new Guard toys I've been playing with.

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