Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Painting: Bad Moon Orks!

'Ey you gitz,
Dis iz Paintaboy Granesh 'eadsplitta 'ere! So we gotz us a commission job fer some boyz and their grot punchin' bags. I gotz to say, dis uver Boss knowz iz dakka! Dere's sum good conversions 'ere, like dere big shootaz! Anywayz, 'ere's sum pics of da boyz!

Dere's 65 of dem, I fink, nuff fer da perfect WAAAGH!
Sorry about that guys, but expect pictures of the orks as I get them done! I also have a Chaos Marine commission I'm still talking to the gentleman about, but expect those soon.
Also just a note, I have changed my pricing on my commissions page just a bit, those won't affect anyone I'm in talks with now, but will be in effect from now on.

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