Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Painting: Bad Moon Orks (Part Deux)

Hey guys,
So just a couple of updates on everything. I'm now part of the BoLS Blogroll now, so welcome everyone who jumps over from there! I did get some work done last night on the Bad Moon Orks, and I think they're looking pretty snazzy! I'm working on the Nob right now to break up the monotony of painting 5 ork Boyz in a row, and I have to say, he's one funky dude! Its also hard to see in the picture, but he is standing on a crushed STOP sign, just for some laughs and to add a little more personality to the unit. Anyways, here's just a couple pictures:

I've also forgotten the BoLScon Pic of the Day on the last couple of posts, my apologies, but I'll keep throwing up pictures as I remember to. Here's one for all you ork players: Spiky Bitz' Ork Warboss surrounded by other bitz of his army.

Expect another tutorial tomorrow on.....well you're just gonna have to wait!

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