Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Editorial: My WARgames CON Experience

Hey everyone,

So I didn't have access to internet at the hotel, nor anywhere else for the last week or so, so I haven't had the ability to post or anything. I did take about 40 pictures around the convention, so I have a lot to share with you guys!

First off, sorry if I didn't get a chance to meet anyone. I saw a comment from Brent from Strictly Average, and I did see him at WARgames CON, but I never got a chance to introduce myself....oops...

As for WARgames CON, the first two days were good, the last two stunk. My partner and I didn't do very well at the tournament, with two losses and one win. The conventions was a bit of a disappointment for the services the convention didn't provide, such as Swag bags and vendors. The schedule for the narrative games and the painting competition was nearly non-existant, and I actually missed entering my pieces into the contest.

My big highlight of the tournament was playing a game on the first day against a gentleman named Colby (like the cheese!) Great guy, he played a very nicely converted IG army with some really nice paintjobs. We ended up tying the game, and had a lot of fun. Heres some pictures of his stuff:

So with all the pictures I got, I'm going to be putting a picture up everyday for the next month or so to draw people to check out the blog and see what WARgames CON was all about.

Picture #1: GAR's entry into the painting competition; Eldar Aspect Warriors with an Avatar.

Expect some more pictures of my Arvus in the next couple of days as well, I got my resin base from Dragon Forge in the mail as I was in Texas. I also picked up some new pieces to add to my army, I'll put pictures up as I get to paint them.


  1. Ya, you were on my checklist of people to meet but I had no way of finding you in that crowd!

    Maybe next year.


  2. Or did I? I remember commenting on the orange accent on the Vendettas, but I didn't realize whose they were.

  3. You know, I think you're right! I remember getting a compliment on the Vendetta colours, I think we did run into each other. All the bloggers needed nametags or something...

  4. Sorry you didn't have a great time, Brendan. I've emailed you about some changes for next year, and I'll be soliciting more input over the next few months.