Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WIP: Arvus Lighter Part Deux

Hey everyone,

So its good to sit down and get some work done again that's not rushed for a convention. My resin base from Dragon Forge arrived, and I have to go out and get a dowel or something to mount the Arvus on, but that's not for a couple of days. Here's some pictures:

I think the purple source highlighting really adds a lot of character and colour to the piece.

As for my picture of the day....lets make this an Arvus day:
Picture of the Day: The BoLS Arvii fleet sitting on the table for the Narrative Gaming.
On another note, I have two major commissions coming my way soon, so if you hear heretical chanting or the sound of Waaagh!s when you jump on the site, please don't be alarmed!


  1. Nice job!

    Knowing what it takes to paint an arvus, your job is nice. They dont seem like much of a fiddly model until you try and detail one!

    I magnetised mine and run it as a LandRaider in non-Apoc games. At least it gets out and about :)

  2. I've seen a lot of folks overweather their flyers. I think you've got a great look here. It's a veteran flyer, but a long way from falling out of the sky.
    Between you and fester, I've taken quite a liking to the Arvus. If it weren't for the pieces I've already lined up in my to-do list, I'd be looking at buying one.