Saturday, July 24, 2010

INCOMING! Arvus Lighter

Hey everyone,
So I just noticed I finally have some followers, good to know I'm not blogging into thin air! So to my first followers, welcome and thanks for following my adventures into 40k!
About 3 weeks ago, I stated in a blog post that I had a new project coming in from eBay. Well after some shipping problems, time management problems, etc., it finally arrived!

For being an entirely resin kit, it was actually very straight and unwarped. When I picked up my Hydra, I actually had to cut the barrels off the guns and replace them with Brass tubing to make them straight.
I understand that Forge World is designed for Master Modellers, but I think they should supply better instructions for their figures. Here's a picture of the informational paper that came with the kit:

As you can see, they list the parts, but not how they go together! Most of it was really easy to put together, but I would have preferred more detailed instructions.
Here's a final picture of the kit put together:

Thanks to my Modeller ADD, I already have the kit primed and partially painted, but I have to put it on the back burners as we wind down for BOLScon. I have ordered a nice resin base from Dragon Forge, and I want to get an Acrylic stand and some magnets to get the model to sit up, as well as be able to be removed for transport.
Tomorrow is my last Sunday before BOLScon, so I'm planning an entire day to get most of the army finished, so expect pictures of a finished Tactical Squad, as well as some finished Vets and a Drop Pod or two!

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