Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July! Plus Some More Pictures!

Hey guys,
Here's wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July! Our nation's been around for 234 years today, so go grab a drink, some hot dogs or burgers, and enjoy this day! I need a Revolutionary guard army, sounds like fun...just to find a George Washington model...

Anyways, figured I'd throw up some pictures of my Sentinel Squadron. I've always loved the models, but seeing as my main opponent is a Marine army, and a Raven Guard one to boot, they never seem to last very long. But me being a painter before a gamer, I usually pick one up when I'm bored. My first three are the original kits with the unposable legs and 2 weapons, but my armoured one is the first of the new kits I've picked up, and I must say GW did a great job with that kit, there's so many pieces left over you can customize and change the older kits as well.

I've found the best way to run them now is in Squadrons of 2 or 3, both with Autocannons, outflanking. Lascannons aren't very good because of the BS 3, and you know you'll fail your To Hit rolls at that crucial moment, or hit and roll a 1 for penetrating that Rhino....

I haven't run the armoured one yet, but I think the best way to run them would be in the middle or back of your lines with the Missile Launcher or the Plasma Cannon. Sure its expensive, but those outflanking Wolf Scouts, Snikrot, or DoA Blood Angels aren't gonna be feeling so hot after it hits.
I'm thinking its time for some tutorials, I'll start putting some up of my techniques! Expect those soon!

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