Monday, July 19, 2010

Finished: Primaris Psyker and Manticore

Hey guys,
So its been almost a week since my last post, I really need to get back into this more regularly! Anyways, I finished two major projects for myself this week. First off is my new Manticore. I personally like the kit, even if it doesn't seem to fit together very well.

I also glued the missiles to the rack, they don't seem to stay on very well, and I don't have any rare earth magnets right now, so I just stuck them on!

I also (nearly) finished my HQ for my team tournament army: The Primaris Psyker. He's actually a really nice and very detailed figure, and adds a lot to my army! He was also my first attempt at NMM, as well as a little Direct Source Lighting. There's about 10 hours worth of work in this figure, and I still have to finish the psychic "I" on the front tabard, but I'm thinking about entering him into the BOLScon painting competition. If he does well, then I'll be excited that my NMM worked so well. If not, then I'll do a year long project for next year.

I think the NMM on the chestplate came out a little strong on one side, I might play with that a little bit more.

Alrighty, I'm going to have a nice little tutorial on adapting additional Dreadnought Arms for the AoBR Dreadnought, expect that tomorrow!


  1. They all look pretty sweet! Some closer up pics of the Psyker/ alternate views would also be good...

  2. Ah I knew I forgot something with this post...I'll have two more shots of the Psyker up tomorrow.