Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey everyone,
So I've finally had some time to get some work done on the Team Tournament stuff! The board is finally painted, it took 3 pots of Dark Flesh but its painted! I did find, however, that a bunch of the sand wasn't totally glued down and it flaked off while I was drybrushing it. A little cork fixed the patches, and a little flock will completely remove the empty patches!

Here's a couple pictures with the Shrike and the Assault Marines, as well as a couple of the scouts and the Valkyries.

I also received my final piece for my Team Tournament army: my Primaris Psyker. I really liked the model, plus no one really runs him in the Guard, so he should provide a little trick for one of my Veteran Squads!

I also have one more figure to work on for my other Veteran Squad. Its another Ministorum Priest using the old Uriah Jacobson model. The figure is truly the look of the "Grim Dark" Priest, and I've always loved the model.

Alrighty, I should have the last 3 scouts finished, as well as the Assault Squad and my Vendetta by the end of the week! Two weeks till BOLScon!

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