Thursday, May 1, 2014

5/1/14: Finished: Chaos Daemons Portaglyph

Howdy folks!

So I'm finally getting settled back into the swing of things after moving yesterday! Still getting some things straightened out but, for now, its time to get some painting done! My first project was a Portaglyph for the client I did Erebus; he's got some daemons stuff upcoming, including some Juan Diaz Daemonettes, so stay tuned. Now, I'm sure all you non-daemons players are asking "What the hell is a portaglyph?" Well, dear reader, it counts as a vehicle, its thrown, much like a webway portal, by a Greater Daemon or herald, and scatters onto the table. When it stops, it counts as a 12 AV vehicle that, every turn, creates d6 lesser daemons. LOVE IT!

My client, after seeing the Balewind Vortex I did for Good Games' terrain set, wanted one, so he got it ordered, and I got right to work!

The client wanted a green to compliment Erebus' green tubes and glow effects.

The marbled skull adornment adds some much needed visual interest to the piece.

Fits the spooky plasma-look that all Daemons need!

Oh noes! Here comes the daemons! RUN!!!

Alrighty! Girlfriend is visiting this weekend, so not much painting coming down the pipe til Sunday. Things are about to get TITANIC!


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