Saturday, February 8, 2014

2/8/13: Finished: Chaos Daemon Engine Assembly/Magnetization

Hey guys!

So I wasn't expecting to get a hold of my next two commissions til I got back from Genghis Con, but sure enough, I ran down to work yesterday, and they'd arrived early! Its like Christmas! I got back to the studio and jumped right into these projects! The Wraithknight won't be started until tomorrow or Monday, but I rocked out the Heldrake and the Forgefiend in no time flat! Lets let the photos speak for me though...

It was a quick commission consisting of a Heldrake and a Mauler/Forgefiend. Lets show off the Fiend first, shall we?

The completed Forgefiend, complete with Ectoplasma goodness!

And the Maulerfiend, ready to stomp, smash, and crush his way in the name of the Ruinous Powers!

As you can see, every aspect of the model is magnetized. The body has 1/4"x1/16" magnets on the inside to allow for unrestricted movement in the ball joints. The middle sockets allow for the Lasher Tendrils, Magma Cutters, and even the second set of legs for the Forgefiend. The gun arms have two magnets a piece, allowing you to swap them from the body, as well as change out weapon options.

And everyone's favorite, the Helturke....I mean...Heldrake! This guy magnetizes incredibly easily, so lets show how its done!

The left side of the head is glued to the model, while a magnet, placed at the back of the jaw, allows the halves to fit together. The gun is held in place snugly by the head and requires no magnets. I also magnetized the wings for easy transport; simply a case of trimming down the balljoint on the wings to allow for a magnet, then placing the other one inside the socket on the body, as there wasn't space inside the body ample enough to hold the wings in place. 

Just a quick little project, assembly commissions are fun as I get to build and play with all the cool new models, as well as learn how they go together for future commissions or personal projects! 

Next up, a Craftworld Lugganath Wraithknight, the man responsible for the Horus Heresy, Erebus, and some big ol' baddies fresh from the Spawning Pools of the Hive Mind! 


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  1. Maaan, I wish I'd thought of magnetising my drakes wings! so much easier! good work!