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10/16/13: WIP: Alpha Legion Warp Talons, Murder Lord, and Skaven Screaming Bell

Hey guys!

Just a quick post to prelude what should be coming tomorrow and the end of the week. After finishing those High Elves, I decided to take a little break to jump into one of my own projects I've had sitting around for quite some time. When the Chaos Codex came out, it took me a little time to really get into it. When I finally did, though, I picked up the Aspiring Champion clampack and a box of Raptors/Warp Talons to really get a feel for the book. I've had all 5 Warp Talons in various painting stages, and the Aspiring Champion had a Warriors of Chaos sword added in lieu of his axe and a Jump Pack added to make a super-dangerous Lord with Murder Sword. I finally decided to knock more of those Warp Talons out though, just to keep progressing on my Alpha Legion.

This is Warp Talon #3. The armor is done by basecoating the model in a 1:1 mix of Kantor Blue and Abaddon Black, then mixing Moot Green into the mix and gently overbrushing on the armor to achieve that nice blue-green. The trim is based with Leadbelcher, which is then washed with Nuln Oil. Once that's dry, I carefully brush Runefang Steel onto it, being sure to leave the shade around the bolts and middle of the metal. 

The Power Weapon effects are achieved by blending Abaddon Black to Warpstone Green, then into Moot Green and finally white. With the claws, I just stuck with a perfect blend on both sides to the tip. With the sword, I opted for a switch blend on each side. It creates a nice effect on the blade to switch the blending on both sides, as you can see with the Murder Sword in the picture.

You can see the underside of the sword was done in the same style, of course. I also did the Power Weapon effect on the Warp Talon's feet, as they're supposed to be Lightning Claws as well!

And the current group! The unit champion is in the back, so I only have 2 more to go. I also need to add a Sorcerer with the Burning Brand of Skalathrax, but we'll tackle that when I get there. I've been running the group as Mark of Tzeentch so the Lord gets a 3+/3++ (Sigil of Corruption) and the Talons get a 3+/4++. Sure they're expensive, but when they hit, they do a LOT of damage. I also like to take the automatic Gift on the Champion to give them a little extra oomph. 

This week has been an exercise in glow effects, as I've been rolling through a quick commission (super-secret on who its for!) of a Skaven Screaming Bell. First off, there's a ton going on with this model, so I found it best to leave the Rat Ogre, Grey Seer, and Bell off for separate painting. I started this kit in earnest Monday night after work, and spent all day Tuesday really getting it rocked out.

The highlight of this kit is the Warpstone. Games Workshop opted to paint the stonework in the middle as, well, stone! I decided I wanted to play a little more with the glow, and turned them into two gigantic blocks of Warpstone the Skaven had just tied to the contraption and built from. The glow effect was incredibly easy, and perfect for a gaming model; if this was more of a competition piece, I'd blend it by hand. The Warpstone was basecoated in Caliban Green, then overbrushed Warpstone Glow (fitting, right?), then up to Moot Green and white. The woodwork around it was lightly overbrushed with Moot Green to create an eerie glow. Focus on the areas that would take the glow from the stone, of course.

Here's the bell as it sits now. The bell was weathered and tarnished using Brass Scorpion as a base, then adding Gehenna Gold, dulling it with a black weathering powder, then washed with Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade, and watered-down Hawk Turquoise. Finally, Runefang Steel was sponged onto the model to create pitting and weathering.

All I really have left on the model is to get the Grey Seer finished up and to do any touch-ups on the kit itself. The picture above doesn't have the brazier added, and there's a little work that needs to be done on the straps and rope. Should have it done tonight, and will have pictures up on Friday, so stay tuned!

Next up is some 40k terrain, a little Forge World, and that charity Cygnar group! I may even get my Warp Talons finished, but we'll see!
And don't forget, we're just over two weeks from Extra Life 2013, so if you can afford it, swing on over to my page and support the cause! Anything is appreciated!


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