Tuesday, April 2, 2013

4/2/13: Senior Art Portfolio; Painting: Alpha Legion Warp Talons, Lizards, and Dragons!

Hey guys!

So again, its been a week since I posted anything, but after the IG commission, I needed a little break to work on some schoolwork and my own pieces. I had my senior art portfolio due on Thursday which, as I’m sure most of you can guess, consisted of many of my best commission pieces, as well as some good school pieces.  The highlight though was that we had to submit pieces to our senior art show, which will be in a couple of weeks. I’m proud to announce that all three entries made it into the show! I submitted:


Alpha Legion and Rhino


First Ten Cultists

I’ve been fighting since my sophomore year to get this recognized as an actual art, so I’m extremely happy to have these displayed!

I sat down and started to roll through my Murder Lord and his Warp Talon bodyguard. The lord needs a little work, but for now, he’s finished:


I may do some more freehand on him, but we’ll see. Also finished is the Warp Talon Champion and one of the regular Talons.

Warp Talon Champion


I also got a Familiar done for my Sorcerer; though he’d work as a Combat Familiar as well.


This picture is actually him almost finished; I ended up doing some glow effects on the sword and wrote ‘LEGION’ down the grip of the sword. I’ll try and get some more pictures of him.

I also sat down around some other projects and put together a test Lizardman model for my upcoming army.

Test Skink 1

I think I missed a bracelet, but its fine, I can always go back and touch him up. Really happy with how he turned out, I started working on the Salamander I had lying around too, I should have pictures of that soon.
Lastly, its not the greatest shot, but I finished the High Elf Dragon for my local client. All three riders are magnetized, and I’m pretty happy with the overall effect of him.


Alrighty! Currently on the workbench is some school art, some Space Wolves, and more Alpha Legion! Back to work!



  1. Wow, these are brill. Loving them. I can't paint that well definitely. Have a look at what I've just done lately and tell me your thoughts.

    Also, what kind of techniques do you use when painting?

    Nathan's Fiction Sphere

  2. Thanks man, glad you like them! You've definitely got the skill, keep painting and your stuff will get better and better! Check out some tutorials, invest in some good brushes, and just keep painting!

    Smells Like Wargaming