Monday, January 14, 2013

1/14/13: Finished: Ivanka Coteaz; Lets all Welcome SLW's newest Painter!

Hey guys!

So I've got some pictures to show off, and some big news to drop for you all! Lets start with the news though, then work my way into the pictures.

As many of you know, I'm a senior art student in Durango, Colorado, meaning that I tend to be a fairly busy person. During the summer or holidays, my painting productivity increases but, when school starts up, I've tended to be fairly slow at getting commissions finished. Coupled with work (I'll be managing the FLGS in April), painting time seems to disintegrate. Not a good thing. 

So, in order to get my speed back up to where I want it, I've brought on another painter: my buddy RTGamer aka Ryan. I trust this man to do a good job and, if I was to commission a painter to get some pieces done, I'd go through him 100%. So expect his work to show up on the blog, he's a full-on member of Smells Like Wargaming now! I told him to do a post this week, so his work will begin to show up soon!

Speaking of work, though, I've finished Ivanka Coteaz and some more of her Warrior Acolytes. I should have all the Warrior Acolytes done tonight, and have some axe heads on their way from Ryan so I can do the Death Cultists. If it stops snowing here, I'll get some priming done too!

'On to glory me.....women!'

I also got in a game of 40k yesterday, pitting my nefarious Alpha Legion against the Hammer of the Imperium. Forgot how scary stock Leman Russ tanks were! My Combi-Meltas were on fire, and my Khorne Berserkers, Khorne Lord, and Sorcerer failed miserably against a building full of Imperial Guard. But it was good to get a game in against a friend of mine! Hopefully he's feeling better now, especially with his victory!

Alrighty, two goals for this week. First, to finish the Warrior Acolytes. Second, to finish that accursed Imperial Strongpoint I've had for way too long. My sincerest apologies to Corey and Sam, it'll be done this week!

Tally ho!



  1. Thanks for the Intro.

    I will get a post up here in the next couple of days showing of some of my personal projects as well as previous commissions I have done prior to Granesh approaching me to partner up!

  2. That's what I like to hear man! IDK if all those Marauders will fit on the blog though!