Thursday, January 10, 2013

1/10/13: Kapitan Ivanka Coteaz and Some Designs

Hey hey hey!

So just a quick post today, with my final semester of school starting up again, time for painting has been a little slow. That, coupled with being busy down at the shop, means that I've been struggling to find time to sit down and paint. Never fear! When I have been painting, its been gold!

This is Neil's counts-as Inquisitor Coteaz for his Femme Fatale GK Henchmen army I should have had finished a while ago. The model is Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova from the Raging Heroes line and, I have to say, its a gorgeous sculpt. The model is really well done, and there's lots of little details and effects that really make this a fun piece to work on. 

The cloak is a really nice touch too, the pseudo-Russian letters and the eagle really give that Imperial Commissar feel, as the model should portray. If anyone asks where the Eagle Coteaz has is, though, we'll just tell them to ask her Plasma/Flamer pistol!

I'm always doodling in class, I think I have 2 or 3 sketchbooks I work out of on a regular basis. Magilla Gurilla came to me the other day and asked if I could design a Chapter Symbol for his allied Chaos Marines, The Carrion. Still a WIP, but I started designing Combi-Meltas and Rhino add-ons too. I'll probably have a finished design by the weekend, I expect a casual Saturday at work.

Lastly, I have one final announcement I'm going to allude to for this Monday. Its a big step for Smells Like Wargaming and, as you've all seen, I've been a little backed up regarding commissions. So expect something big for the blog and the commissions on the 14th!

Alrighty, hoping to have better pictures of Ivanka Coteaz tonight at work, so expect those in the next day or so! Back to the books!


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