Friday, December 14, 2012

12/14/12: Abaddon WIP, Star Wars X Wing Tables, and the Finished Coffin!

Hey guys!

So the semester is officially over, hoping to get a ton of painting and work done over the course of the next three weeks! I also got a chance to see the midnight showing of the Hobbit thanks to my buddy RTGamer (more on him soon!), and I gotta say, its amazing! Keeps the theme of the book with some silly moments, while keeping the pseudo-dark themes of the Lord of the Rings movies. Overall really pleased with the movie, can't wait for the next two!

Anyways, painting! All signs are pointing to me attending Genghis Con in February up in Denver, so I'm starting to get my Alpha Legion wrapped up. I need my HQ finished though! So here's some WIP shots of Abaddon the Despoiler part 2!

Freehanded the Black Legion symbol on his shoulderpad, really happy with this one, even moreso than my first Abaddon!

 I've had some fun painting projects at work the last two days as well! We're running the FFG X Wing Kessel Run event at the shop tomorrow, and as a result, we need some X Wing boards! They were done by masking off the play surface 3'x3'. Then, the planets were done a la cheesy 80s planetary street art style! Three colors were sprayed in close proximity to one another. Then, a round object (a cup or a peanut can) was placed onto the area, and black was sprayed. The result is an instantly shaded planet! Remember to keep your sun in the right place too! Following the planets, the entire surface is sprayed black, then misted with white, blue, and green to break up the black. Finally, red, blue, and white are flicked onto the surface using a toothbrush or paintbrush to create stars! The final product ends up like this:

And the two boards together! 

Like I said, really happy with how they turned out, hoping they'll inspire some people to play the Star Wars game!

Finally, my final sculpture piece was completed! 
Title: Cineres ad Cineres, Pulveris ad Pulveris, 2012.

Unfortunately, the janitorial staff at the school manhandled the piece cleaning, and the coffin is in about 10 pieces. Angry Granesh was Angry! Hopefully I can redo it and put it back together, but we'll wait on that for now. 

Alrighty, need to have some High Elves finished by tomorrow, and I've got some more projects in the works for next week. Stay tuned!


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