Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11/27/12: Apocalypse! & This Week in the Studio

Hey guys!

So with the semester beginning to wind down, everything major is due soon, and thus my free time is beginning to disappear. Expect a couple slow weeks on the hobby front thanks to some papers and presentations I have due soon.

I also picked up Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition on Steam...that doesn't help either...

Oh right! Here's a shot from the Apocalypse game I ran on Saturday! 6500 points per side, the Grey Knights and Dark Angels just couldn't hold up against the onslaught of Chaos and Tyranids!

Posting again from the phone, we'll see how this post turns out. Anyways, on the painting desk, we've got:

  • Limited Edition Chaos Sorcerer on foot (highly classified work!) edit: He's now based and primed, we'll see if I get any work on him done tonight!

  • 5 Hexwraiths, shouldn't be too difficult!
  • A lone pair of Gnoblar arms...wait...really? I forgot them when I gave the Ironblasters back to my local client...my bad...

  • More work on the Orcland Raiders? I could only be so lucky...

Alrighty, off to class, then back to get some studying and painting done!

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